Our Olive Oil

The oil that we produce and sell is a different and unique extra virgin olive oil:

  • The area of origin in the municipality of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, in the Beira Alta region, is a cold, schistose and unpolluted area, and guarantees healthy and quality olives as it is a region favourable to the development of olives trees without diseases;
  • There is no use of any type pesticides, insecticides, additives, preservatives and nitrates in the treatment of the olive trees;
  • The olives are carefully selected, at the right maturation level, without defects of any kind, and therefore of great quality;
  • The olives are processed only by mechanical means, within twenty-four hours after harvest, using a two-phases continuous system by means of centrifugation of the mass at a temperature of less than 27 degrees Celsius (cold pressing).

Cold pressed olive oils retain all its nutritional value and all the organoleptic properties of the olive such as vitamins, aroma, flavour and colour, resulting in a much healthier olive oil.

Thus, we have an olive oil that is the pure juice of the olive, genuinely Beirão.